Women seeking men Joseph

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This is the price your customers see. Edit list price. He just received a paralegal certificate. Get access to exclusive offers when you Blurb's creative community. Share a Link copy. Hardcover, Dust Jacket. Linen cover with full-color dust jacket and flaps. Hardcover, ImageWrap. About the Book Edit This prose poetry book tries to accurately portray what men see when they look at women and what they want from women.

Savioni believes that men are attracted to women because of what they look like, how they smell, how they speak, what they say and even what they do not say. The prose poetry is infatuation at its root with an intention to attract. Everything a man is is to attract a mate, but it is to also retain his integrity and to succeed as a person. He seeks the person, who represents a predetermined physique, demeanor, and scent that is unavoidable to the extent that his attraction is true. He may move through life seeking his "true" mate.

Until he finds her, he is not truly happy. He is not fulfilled. She must find him equally appealing and essential and their meeting must correspond to their availability and individual success as persons. About the Creator. Good Things on the Way Watch your for news and exclusive offers. up Please enter a valid address.

Women seeking men Joseph

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