Women elk city ok.

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A few months ago, they were discussing opening another business together. They flirted with a few ideas, but ultimately couldn't find something they both felt passionately about, until Jada introduced the idea of a Plus Size Fashion Boutique! They both decided this was the perfect business venture of the each of them, then Blush Room Boutique was born. Jada has been a plus size girl for most of her life. Even as a college athlete, in amazing shape, her size was still considered plus in the fashion world.

It has always been and is still a struggle to find clothing that not only fits well and is of good quality, but is also affordable. Sheila has owned several successful businesses and has also been a plus size girl for most of her adult life. She is on the smaller end of plus size, but plus size nonetheless! That's what we love about BRB, its for women of all shapes and plus sizes! We want to add to the culture of body positivity and love, and a safe place to express your personality and creativity through fashion. Get Directions.

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Women elk city ok.

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