Wheres all my girls at

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Plain and simple, I want an award. So, having done all that, I should get some kind of award. Should I get an award, or should I remain award-less? During those seven magical years spent growing up back on Flamingo, I earned countless awards but never actually got any. Of course, I did yell, because I was holding the glass when it shattered as Older Brother Richard poured the hot melted wax in.

Not just because The Wife kicked me under the table or gave me a quick punch in the arm, but for showing so much restraint, I most certainly deserve some kind of award. Just last week, a day before going on our spring break vacation with our granddaughters, I did all our laundry — and also theirs. When finished, I folded and hung everything up. Going grocery shopping and actually buying all the items on the list and not just what I want. Not being grumpy while having to wait for a table even with a reservation. Surely all of that deserves an award. Then, out of nowhere, my award finally came.

As I sat down to read them a bedtime story, I realized the love from them, The Wife, my brothers, The Sister, and my parents has been the greatest reward I will ever receive. Log in to leave a comment. in . in. Log into your . up. Password recovery. Recover your password. The Citizen. Tuesday, April 13, Forgot your password? Get help. Opinion Columnists Community. North Fayette woman, 50, arrested for cruelty to 10 dogs, April 9, School board in a traffic jam, city tries to help … April 5, Track of terror: Along the path of the Newnan tornado April 4, Website by Country Fried Creative.

Wheres all my girls at

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Where's all my girls at