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Permit us to encourage you that hope for your boy is not far away. Despite the fact that our campus is in rural Missouri, rather than in Kapolei, Hawaii, we would love the chance to listen to your story and offer our encouragement. The boarding school makes much of the value of work, which is taught through involvement with the ranch, daily chores in the kitchen and dorms, and an extensive vocational program.

Boys live in a structured environment, learning respect for authority and personal responsibility. We treat education as a privilege, and we teach boys to view it the same way. We start with physical exercise to bring boys up to a basic level of fitness.

They gain muscle, they feel good about themselves, and they gain a positive achievement as they begin to meet fitness goals. The same concepts also work well in other areas. In work projects and vocational skills and even in school, their accomplishments develop confidence so that boys are built up. Meanwhile, we help boys understand the consequences of their past choices. Their thinking clears and their destructive behavior is replaced with character and integrity. We run like a family, loving these boys through their struggles and going through the days right with them, coaching and instructing them.

We provide group and individual counseling and life-on-life mentorship and spiritual direction. Teens participate in regular devotions and weekly church services, so they have the chance to ask questions about God and discover a relationship with Jesus. We enjoy ourselves on the ranch, as well. Boys spend a lot of their weekends and free time outdoors, playing sports, and just learning how to have good clean fun again.

We have cared for teenagers like your son for over 25 years, often caring for hurting children out of our own home. A phone call to us is a positive first step toward healing for your family. We will fight hard for you and your teen. We invite you to look through our website and call us today at Our boarding school admissions director is waiting to personally listen to your story and talk about how we can help.

Second to Honolulu in size. The community takes its name from a volcanic cone, Puu o Kapolei. In the Hawaiian language, puu means hill and Kapo lei means beloved Kapo. According to legend, Kapo was sister to Pele. Much of the land is part of the estate of industrialist James Campbell.

Kapolei sits primarily upon former sugarcane and pineapple fields. As a father of a young man that graduated from the ranch, we are forever in your debt. Having already been in another program, I admit I was bitter and worse than I had been before. Once a troubled teen, drugs, sex, and much worse.

I mean everything from drugs, alcohol, gangs, gang violence, women, stealing and pornography. I was also in another program where I was accused of being manipulative behind staffs back and they kicked me out. His grades dropped dramatically and his attitude was deteriorating equally fast. I am only alive today and not in prison because of you. When I had arrived at the ranch I did not want to be there, but now I am so thankful I had been sent to you. We were the average family. I was a stay-at-home mom, I was able to care for my kids and get them to where they needed to be.

We kept them busy with sports and always supported them in what they participated in. Mitch is the middle child, caring, funny, and always looking for attention. I started out my rebellion by not coming home on time. If my mom would not have made the difficult decision to send me here I am positive I would have wrecked my brain to the point of being mentally insane. Call Admissions: Office: : admissions mastersranch. If you are searching for boys homes, boys ranches or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. This is one of few boys ranches and therapeutic boarding schools for teens that is Christian and affordable.

The therapeutic residential school helps rebellious boys who are at risk and defiant or out of control. Compare our affordable boarding school to top therapeutic boarding schools and other residential schools for troubled teens. If you are looking for alternative schools, boot camps, troubled teen programs, military schools, therapeutic programs, wilderness programs, or therapeutic boarding schools, call us to see how affordable our low-cost boarding school can be. Let us know if you need help with boarding schools troubled teen , best therapeutic boarding schools , residential schools or California boarding schools.

Inquire Now. Would you think about letting us care for your boy, even though we are not located in Kapolei, Hawaii? Admissions: Office: : admissions mastersranch. Should you need help finding ranches for troubled boys , Christian schools for troubled youth , ranches for boys or faith-based boarding schools , please let us know. See our affordable boarding school.

Teen sex Kapolei

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