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They also include two of our favorite recent genre series and one of the most beloved television shows ever. Hint: It had a five-year mission but only a three-season run. Dates reflect the final day a title is available. He tells a story of earlys ennui, as four university pals played with verve by Chris Eigeman, Josh Hamilton, Carlos Jacott and Jason Wiles knock around their college town in the year after graduation, not quite sure what to do with themselves.

Stream it here. Michael Shannon is in top form as the father on the run with his 8-year-old son Jaeden Martell, credited as Jaeden Lieberher , whose special gifts have attracted the attention of government officials led by Adam Driver and a religious cult led by Sam Shepard. The Tony-winning playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan created this ingenious Showtime series, mixing up a tasty stew of Victorian-era monsters, mythology and literary flourishes.

Jekyll and Mr. Ford plays President James Marshall, who is en route from Moscow to the White House when a band of terrorists hijack Air Force One, taking his family and staff hostage. Gary Oldman, meanwhile, has a blast, chewing up copious amounts of scenery as the leader of the hijackers. Brody stars as Szpilman, a popular Polish-Jewish pianist confined to the Warsaw Ghetto, and forced later into hiding, by the Nazi invasion of Poland. Polanski, himself a Holocaust survivor, directs the scenes of Nazi terror with a lived-in immediacy that feels like cinematic therapy.

Still, its strengths were evident from the beginning: a setup that allowed for endless imagination; intelligent scripts that slyly framed contemporary issues; and a perfectly balanced cast, from the finely drawn supporting cast to the ying-and-yang acting styles of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. But this musical drama makes the case for dramatizing the lives of more obscure musical figures — which seems to allow for more dramatic freedom and comic possibilities. Fox and Lela Rochon , all of whom claimed to have married Lymon, who are battling over his estate.

Sunday night chat new in town

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