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No appointments needed, easily accessible location and just a quick consultation, we ensure a hassle free service to all our patients. Simply walk in and ask to speak to our friendly and professional pharmacist about the morning after pill.

This is done in the privacy of our consultation room and everything discussed is in complete confidence. The sooner you come to our pharmacy to take the morning after pill, the greater the chances of avoiding pregnancy. If the Pharmacist feels like Levonelle One Step is not suitable for you, they will not give you the morning after pill, but advise you to see your health care professional. We are one of the few pharmacies that are able to provide the morning after pill free of charge to patients who are aged 24 and under, and who meet the NHS criteria.

Alternatively, the pill can be purchased privately from our pharmacy in Camden. Accidents happen with contraception and things go wrong all the time. Please note, there are other emergency contraceptive options available through your doctor or at a Walk-In centre. If you do have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to . Our pharmacists can offer a morning after pill which may avoid the risk of pregnancy.

Please note in some case you may be referred to your doctor. Please contact or visit one of our stores for more details. We recommend you consider getting a flub jab If you don't qualify for an NHS vaccination but are:. Our pharmacists offer comprehensive support and advice on smoking cessation. We can discuss a range of nicotine replacement therapies including skin patches, chewing gum, inhalers, tablets and lozenges as well as nasal and mouth sprays.

Altitude Sickness - the mildest form being acute mountain sickness AMS , is the negative health effect of high altitude, caused by rapid exposure to low amounts of oxygen at high elevation. Symptoms may include headaches, vomiting, tiredness, trouble sleeping, and dizziness. Cholera — Common in Africa, Central America and Asia, cholera is an infection spread by bacteria in contaminated food and water.

Diphtheria, Poliomyelitis and Tetanus - This diphtheria , polio and tetanus vaccine may also be recommended if you're travelling to an area of the world where there is a high risk of contracting these diseases, or poor access to medical care, and you haven't had a booster in the last ten years.

Hepatitis A — Contaminated faecal matter spre hepatitis A, a disease often caught via infected food and water and common across in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Hepatitis B — Unprotected sex is usually responsible for hepatitis A infection, along with sharing needles, visiting dirty tattoo parlours, unhygienic barbers shops and nail salons.

There are also occasional epidemics in China and India. Malaria — A highly dangerous disease spread by infected mosquitoes, malaria is common in the equatorial tropics and subtropics. Rabies — Infected animal and human bites and scratches spread this awful disease, which is particularly common in Thailand, Brazil and India. Tick-borne Encephalitis — A tick-borne virus found in eastern, northern and central Europe as well as eastern Russia, east Asia, China and Japan.

Nigel Williams Pharmacy Carmarthen. This is for training and quality purposes and to protect both our staff and patients. Our opening hours may vary from branch to branch. Visit our branches to see the opening hours of your nearest branch.

Nigel Williams Pharmacy Llandeilo. Our hard working team provide a first class service to all our patients. Premises GPhC : Back Up. Name. . Message. Hide Directions. Directions From. Print These Directions. Each year enormous quantities of unused and expired medications are dumped into bins or flushed down toilets and sinks.

The effects on the environment and human health are unclear but evidence is pointing to the presence of chemicals from prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in soil, drinking water and the surrounding environment. Just as proper medication administration is important, so is safe and cautious disposal. Advice to Care Homes. Discharge Medicine Reviews. Return of Patient Sharps. Palliative Care Just in Case Schemes.

We can collect your prescription from selected local surgeries and have it ready for collection. Repeat Prescription Service. We can dispense NHS repeat dispensing prescriptions issued by your doctor. We handle repeat prescriptions, we send reminders and you can order online using our website or app. Antibiotic tonsillitis treatment without a prescription or seeing your GP.

Supervised consumption of medicines to treat addiction, e. or scan the QR code using your smartphone to go to your app store and download the app. Or open your app store and search for. Open the app and scan this QR code to register or at this branch. Or you can search for your pharmacy by entering the pharmacy name, branch name or address. See All Branches. Cookie Policy. Privacy Policy. Terms And Conditions. Local Shopping Policy. Powered by www. We were unable to connect you to our system.

Please click to try again. If this problem persists contact support thepharmacycentre. This website is no longer available, If you are the pharmacy owner, please contact The Pharmacy Centre to re-activate. Main Menu. Shopping . In Store Shopping. Online Shopping. Coronavirus Advice. Admin Tools. Your Basket. Total Excl VAT.

Live Chat. Live chat is currently disabled. Toggle the switch to make yourself available for live chat. Type your message and press enter to send, An administrator will reply to you shortly. Please select a branch to view orders, patients and history What do you want to do? The following list shows all the items you have placed orders for, click on an item to see all the dates you have placed an order for the item. Please provide a little more information to finish setting up your Are you registered for GP online services?

Are you exempt from prescription charges? Online prescription ordering is not currently enabled for your branch. You can still store your items and set reminders to re-order. Please details to access your To keep your password secure you will periodically need to change it. Please provide a new password to to your . New Password. What do you want to change? Select your local branch Select this dependant as the current user. I no longer need to manage this dependants prescriptions and they will not be doing it themselves. Please provide us with a little information about your dependant What is the dependants relation to you Change your address I cannot find my address.

Change your contact information If you have set your date of birth incorrectly, you can change it here Select the reason you are exempt from prescription charges. Select your gender Change your names Providing your NHS will assist us dealing with your orders. However you do not have to provide this information if you do not wish to. When linking to online services, would you like to store a copy of your prescription data so you can setup re-order reminders and we can send you updates on your order?

When registering for online services with your GP you will have received a document containing the information required for the form below. Removing your connection to GP online services will delete all your prescription information. To re-register you will need to contact your surgery for new linkage information. This cannot be undone, are you sure you wish to continue? Linking to your GP online will automatially manage your prescriptions based on information provided by your GP.

If you would like to make use of this service then please contact your surgery. If you are already registered then please specify the provider of your GP online services. I am not registered for GP online services. Please select which allergies apply to you Household chemicals including those in detergents and hair dyes. Please select which conditions apply to you Acid Reflux. Coeliac Disease. Diabetes Type 1. Diabetes Type 2. Heart Disease. High Blood Pressure. High Cholesterol. Please let us know a little about you Please let us know a little about your health Please let us know if you are housebound.

Sex chat Llandeilo

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