Naughty granny friendship

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The Child is the son of Slendrina and her husband , and he was added in Version 1. He always appears inside the Cage in the Backyard , but can sometimes get out of it to stand in front of the Water Stream that limits his territory, that he will never leave.

Except for a glitch discovered by Vividplays Channel, which was patched in 1. He has white eyes without pupils, a long flat nose, an opened mouth with an upper range with sharp teeth that he will use to bite the Player and eat Meat. He has four twisted limbs : two reversed arms and two reversed legs, that he agitates to crawl swiftly on the floor. He also wears a brown, dirty, bloodstained, diaper. Sometimes, the Player can hear the intense breathing of Slendrina's Child from inside the house if they are near the Backyard.

He will sometimes ring the Bell in his cage to call Granny , which will alert her there to feed him with a piece of Meat , that she has an infinite amount of. Granny will come place the meat on the baby's plate by merely approaching it, and the baby will eat the meat by simply repeating the "eat" animation 3 times, alongside an audio file that sounds like messy eating. If the Player approaches his cage, he will immediately run towards the player, trying to bite them before they steal the item in the Shed or leave his area by crossing to the other side of the Water Stream.

Although the child doesn't kill the Player , his biting will stun them for a few moments, making the screen's sides red and preventing them from any action, until they wake up and get back in place, shortly after. However, the Grandparents will be alerted as soon as the Player has been bitten, which represents a big risk of getting knocked out by one of them during the "stunning effect".

Note that if the Player is carrying an item and gets bitten by the Child, they will NOT have this item in hand when they get back up on their legs. Granny Chapter Two Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? The Child. History Talk 0. The Child in the Backyard. Characters Antagonists Hazards. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Naughty granny friendship

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