Mutual masturbation personals

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My female friend encouraged me to explore my male-male fantasies and have an encounter with other men to jack off and more. Placed an ad on a well known list site and got fke relies and one real one that has led to at least 50 good cumshots. In Up. My first close-up with a hard cock. Some background information might help. I met Tom at a group jack that was organized in the Masturbation Personals section. Six of us guys got together for a jackoff session, which was a lot of fun but not really all that intimate.

Although it was a major turn-on to see six hard Newcastle Naked Meet. Posted by: Mancunia Age: 35 Posted on: 14 Jul 18 comments 14 likes 10 views Category: Masturbation Male-Male Tags: naked , wank , hotel , cum , male to male , bicurious.

Alone in a large hotel room in Newcastle one night I posted an ad on a personals site to see if anyone fancied hanging out naked. It was an interesting night! A few years ago I found myself in a large room at the Newcastle Hilton. Feeling fairly horny and wanting to try some social nudity thinking back to some of my exp What Are They Feeling?

Posted by: jstfrths Age: 48 Posted on: 19 Jun 15 comments 2 likes 6 views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags: glans rubbing , testicle massage , handjob. Another story from a client. I probably know more about men's genitals than most men do. Yet, it used to bother me that I don't truly know a man is feeling while I do my work. I'd really like to know. However, I've come to realize that as long as I am making them happy, it's all good. I know they are happy with my s Wild Threesome!

This could just as well be a MMF threesome. Like many of us I occasionally look through those personals and let the kinkier side of my personality wonder about some of the scenerios. I found an ad posted by a woman looking for another man to her and her husband for a threesome. The ad indicated that while the m Posted by: rathb69 Age: 40's and beyond Posted on: 26 Apr 6 comments 10 likes views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags: Masturbation Male-Female , male-female , male-male , bi-curious , mutal masturbation , jacking off , jackoff club , sharing fantasies.

I have a close female friend and sexual confidante. She is non-judgmental, sexually adventurous, and open to talking about anything. These factors, combined with a smoking hot Cfnm Personal Advertisement. I have always loved CFNM and this day really was a highlight. I'm 27, 6'3', healthy body and seven inch cock and I've been into CNFM since I was about 15 when my sister and her friends had me strip for them at one of her sleep overs. I've been to many a nudist beach, been hard during many massages and have deliberately I Miss Adult-Porn theatres.

Posted by: 70hank Age: 54 Posted on: 04 Dec 4 comments 6 likes views Category: Masturbation Group Co-ed Tags: Male-Female , Masturbation Group Co-ed , mutual masturbation , theatres , porn , wtching porn , oral , handjos , neighbour , Medical , on a crowded bus , babysitting , Son , flash , big , Shemale.

BUT no more I used to go to porn theatres as i travelled for work and many, many times I was able to hook up with friends and playmates for solo-mutual or other sexy fun. Most simple fun is to sit togehter and masturbate beside Sometimes Online Clasifieds Part 2. Posted by: 70hank Age: 50 Posted on: 23 Oct 1 comments 4 likes 31 views Category: Sex Stories Couples Tags: Male-Female , Sex Stories Couples , personals , personal , orgasm , oral sex , pussy licking , cunnilingus , analingus , squirting orgasm. In this one I want to talk about a long time partner i A Guy Name Kyle from Craigslist.

I have said in my past posts that I'm a bi-curious guy with cerebral palsy. Posted by: 70hank Age: 49 then.. Placed an ad on a well known list site and got fke relies and one real one that has led to at least 50 good cumshots I was jacking off one evening and had looked through on classifieds website and put my dick down for a few minutes and placed a M for W ad looking for a mutual masturbation partner Walking the Field An older lady. About eight years ago I was reading the "Personals" section of my hometown magazine when I came upon an ad where a woman described herself as buxom, among other details.

I decided to write to her through her mailbox at the magazine, saying, among other things, that I would very much enjoy Posted by: jstfrths Age: 62 Posted on: 14 Nov 5 comments 1 likes views Category: Masturbation Male-Male Tags: mutual mastrubation , three-way , circlejerk.

I've been ing about masturbation and such with a penpal I met right here on Solotouch. I thought you might be interested in some of what was written, which is a sort of a summary of some of the stories I've published here. So here is a part of our correspondence: Hi James, Yes, I'm a confidence coach. Because I'm Will and Taylor. Posted by: kellenknows Age: 18 Posted on: 09 Mar 1 comments 2 likes views Category: Masturbation Male-Male Tags: anal , dildo , gay , suction , cup , counter , island.

My first gay experience with two guys twice my age! Porn gets so boring. Doesn't it!? At some point you just want to live it. So that's what I did. I made an anonymous on Craigslist and searched endlessly through the personals for something too hot to turn down. First Massage. My first massage. An erotic massage and it was great!

I've had and given myself handjobs before but never experienced this much pleasure from one. My late wife used to stroke me occasionally but I don't ever remember her stroking me to completion. I've also had other women stroke my dick but again just as part of forepl My Awakening. I first realized I was masturbating to pics and erotic stories about men when I was a sophmore in college. While going to college, I worked as a security guard at night in a big office building in Los Angeles. On my way to work, I'd stop along the way at the newspaper stands on the street corner and buy the adult perso Learning I was bi.

I first realized i was masturbating to pics and erotic stories about men when I sophmore in college. On my way to work, I'd stop along the way at the newpaper stands on the street corner and buy the adult personals pa Featured Members wantley 33 friends jj 96 friends Brigje friends easypeasy 10 friends DaNudist 74 friends MMCballbreaker friends. Statistic members friendships posts comments techniques forum topics stories photos. Help keep Solotouch online and free Donate. Copyright SMI-Help.

Mutual masturbation personals

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