Married and it sucks

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in. Today is my 6th wedding anniversary and I gotta tell you, marriage blows. What it essentially is is getting to know someone so well that you could successfully win a court case proving why they are the worst person imaginable. Like my husband, for example…. No, he does something much more insidious and cunning. I mean… really?! How did I manage to select such a human?

Pun retroactively intended. Like… that phrase lives on my lips, I should tattoo it on my face so I can save my breath and just give him a Jim-from-the-office-looking-at-the-camera glare. In every sense of the word. Too many for a face tattoo. I think. I am messy af. I am the clutter Queen. And do not send me that Marie Kondo book, apparently clutter brings me joy on some level.

But my poor husband hates it. Not only that, he has this regular struggle with trying to address it with me. We actually started using it ironically when it came into fashion online, and it stuck. Ok back to this post…. From the other room, my sense of foreboding will flare up. Only there was no room in the sink and I was in a rush to start my next client call earlier. I just remembered another thing that really sucks about me.

They usually range around politics, and five hour historical documentaries. Sometimes my inner monologue sounds like this:. Quick, make your face look interested. Way to go, face! The thing is, I have a hard time concentrating on one thing at a time. Maybe I should institute a new rule that I need my silly putty before he starts telling me about documentaries. Also, see? It feels like 7. It almost always has to be passive. Not that we need luck, because marriage is hard fucking work and luck has nothing to do with it, whatsoever. Hug someone you love and hate today. So here it is: just remember that every annoying thing your ificant other does… you do it too.

And if you immediately found a way to disagree with me on that, well you just proved me right. May your defensiveness guide you toward learning everything you never wanted to know about yourself. Because, THAT, my friends, is the real reason marriage sucks. So take a good hard look. Get started. Open in app. Michelle Akin. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Being Married Sucks. More from Michelle Akin Follow. More From Medium. Living at Main Winnipeg. Christian Taylor. Not Modern Love.

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Married and it sucks

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Let’s Talk About How Marriage Really Sucks Sometimes