Looking for someone fun to hang out

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Levine, Ph. There also may be underlying hurt feelings that need to be discussed. If you were expecting a friend to show up solo, it can come as quite the shock when they roll in with a mystery third person. Of course, they may just want you two to meet. If this keeps happening, the best thing to do is be honest about how you feel.

It might spark a much-needed convo about why your friend never wants to hang out with just you. If it feels like no one reaches out on the regular, though, consider it a that this particular friend group may not be right for you. Brenda Wade. The best way to handle it? Match their energy and reach out less often to see if that makes a difference. See if it feels better if you only talk on occasion. Who knows? The friendship might rekindle once you give it a little breathing room.

This one is confusing because it often involves a friend who acts like they want to hang out, but never actually does. Consider how your friend goes about canceling plans. Do they have a legit reason? Or is it always one vague excuse after another? Friendship burnout can happen when one person relies too heavily on the other to fulfill all their needs. Talking about it with your friend is the best solution. If you both agree it's not worth the effort , it can save you both a lot of heartache and a lot of wasted time.

If this happens to you with someone you were close with, try turning the tables. Throw your own party and invite a bunch of people. Does it feel like this person is being rude for no reason? Michaeli says it might be their conscious or unconscious way of driving a wedge between you, possibly to put you off from trying to hang out again. Are your needs never met in your friendship?

So why bother? You might have the type of friendship where you can go weeks, months, or even years without talking much, and then pick right back up where you left off. But take note if you see them splashed across social media, Maurya says. Are their replies super boring? Do they give one-word answers? No friendship is easy, she notes, but the ones that are worth it will leave you feeling energized most of the time. The best thing to do if you notice these s?

Irene S. Brenda Wade , relationship expert. Shagoon Maurya, MA. This article was originally published on Oct. By Carolyn Steber. Updated: Sep. Originally Published: Oct. See All Health Relationships Self.

Looking for someone fun to hang out

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