Looking for motorcycle buddy

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Many activities are best enjoyed with the company of another person, and motorcycling is no exception. Solo riding has its benefits, but many of our readers wonder how they go about finding that special friend—a riding buddy—to journey alongside with and to enjoy the many amazing experiences a motorcycle offers. I have memories to last a lifetime because of them.

My wish for those who desire it, is that you find that one best buddy or two best buddies who sees motorcycling through the same lens you do, can translate your facial expressions and silent glances without a word being uttered, and when you ride side by side in staggered formation, of course , your tires literally sync up with one another. To assist our readers in finding a riding partner, WRN assistant editor Tricia Szulewski and I jotted down a list of ways that have proven successful for each of us as well as many others in their quest to find a riding buddy.

There are two ways to read this list. You can breeze through each ed item to get the basics, or you can continue on into "my further thoughts on this," which are sidebars to the main thought. Make a point of showing up at local dealer events like an open house or barbecue and mingle with riders there. This is where it helps to be outgoing. Many stores have created a destination atmosphere and have lounges with coffee and snacks.

In my early days, I would ride once or twice a week to my local dealership just to practice my new skills while using the excuse to pick up the freebie motorcycle magazines. I also made sure they knew I was a new single rider looking for a riding partner in case they knew anyone to recommend.

One day, I introduced myself to a woman who rode to the dealership to drop off her motorcycle for service. She introduced me to another woman, who would become the riding buddy I would have the most fun with during my early days of riding. Many communities hold weekly or monthly bike nights at a local diner, an outdoor mall, or similar location. Sometimes these are organized in conjunction with a custom car show. These events are the perfect opportunity to meet others as the main reason people gather is for conversation, and to show off their rides.

This is the perfect place in the article to touch on a subject that inevitably comes up when discussing riding partners: the opposite sex. Prior to meeting my first female riding friend, I was mentored by a male riding partner. He was a friend, but wanted more. I enjoyed learning from him, and hanging with him, but I grew weary of fending off his subtle advances despite my efforts stating clearly that I just wanted to be friends.

You're sure to meet others who are looking to expand their network of riding friends there too, one of whom might become a good riding friend. There are hundreds of women-only riding groups across the U. In my opinion, a woman who attends a motorcycle rally by herself is brave. Where everyone else there seems to be having all the fun with lots of friends, she's arrived alone. I've found over my 27 years attending many motorcycle rallies and events, that more than half the people attending are looking to meet new friends and have fun.

The person who looks like she's surrounded by a lot of friends may have just hooked up some riders from her neighborhood going to same rally. She'd actually prefer to meet someone new. Many times in my early days of riding I attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally by myself to cover the event for the media outlet I was working for at the time. Before there were sites like Facebook and Instagram, there were online forums bringing likeminded riders together for virtual chats about similar motorcycles and interests. One WRN reader shared her story of meeting her riding buddies through such a forum.

Simply do a search online for a forum focused on your particular motorcycle brand or type of riding, for example V-twin, Honda Shadow, adventure touring, etc. See what comes up. In addition to forums, these days we have social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and networking sites like MeetUp, to help people hook up with others in similar areas of interest.

There are hundreds of women rider Facebook groups, as well as groups focused on a particular motorcycling interest or category. While not all groups are location-based, Facebook group s provide the opportunity to meet riders online with a similar interest, which could lead to a friendship. When out on your motorcycle, approach other riders you see stopped for gas or at a restaurant. Ask them if they can recommend any riding groups. That's a good icebreaker. I bet you'll get an invitation to ride with them. When riding with others, be sure to read our two stories on riding in a group: this one on the skills portion , and this one on etiquette.

Offer to be a mentor to someone you meet who might just be starting out. Or convince a non-riding friend to take up riding. Keep the conversation going. Tell us in the comments below your ideas on ways to meet a fellow riding partner. I would like to find someone female to ride with!

I have a Harley and I also enjoy off road riding. There are a ridiculous amount of places to ride here. Hi Sandy,One great way to find a riding buddy is to a riding group, or attend one of its functions. Best of luck! Thanks for the articles. I have only been riding for a couple of years. I have a riding buddy but he is out of town for extended stretches and I have no one to ride with.

I have ridden on the street alone but never off road alone, which is what I love to ride. Thank you for the well written article. I have been riding for about 50 years probably one of the first female riders on the eastern shore. I started with a mini-bike at 8 years old and just kept going. I am so excited to see so many female riders these days from all walks of life. I usually ride solo because even though I am a member of a small female riding club here in Tidewater, Virginia, it just seems when events are planned I am working.

I do, however, offer to mentor whenever possible and always offer advice and answer any questions that new riders have. Anything I can do to encourage female riders to get out there and experience the bliss of two-wheeled touring I will do. Good suggestion on stopping at dealerships. I do that myself on occasion.

Thank you again for the article. And ladies, never stop trying. Age is but a and motorcycle riding keeps you young! My hubby and best riding partner and I started a riders group at our church and this is how we met our two best couple riding buddies. Use social media to connect and plan, and easily add more riders to the group.

If you explore your other social or work groups, you might find a few other riders that you already have a connection with, then create. Be your own advocate and have fun! I have found the best riding partner to be my husband. I never have to ride alone! We have ed bike clubs and that works well. As a women it is harder to find other women who ride their own bikes. Ride safe and keep the rubber on the road. This is a great article! I am 60 years old, and a very new rider. I am desperately trying to find someone willing to ride with me, and give me the confidence I need.

I would like to find another new rider, like myself, but that is proving difficult for me. I am not giving up! Thank you for keeping us informed. Your articles are fantastic! Great article! I am very shy and do not easily interact with strangers. Wish I could step outside my comfort zone to meet fellow riders. Tried to an all-female riding club and it was nothing but drama. I love the article and suggestions on how and where to meet people to ride with.

Looking for motorcycle buddy

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9 Ways to Find a Motorcycle Riding Buddy