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Some people like the idea of having sex without the commitment of a relationship. If the relationship starts out as a solid friendship, your friend can feel like a safe person to have sex with. Of course, an FWB arrangement can have its challenges. Open communication is key, since feelings toward another person can change once sex is involved.

A good friend is someone you can be honest with and who knows your true self. This may feel like a safe person to have sex with. But consider whether the intimacy of sex will change your friendship. In some cases, one partner enters into an FWB situation with the hopes of it turning into something more. If partners have different ideas in mind, issues can arise. Cuddling releases oxytocin, a bonding hormone. Oxytocin makes it harder for it to just be about sex. Other people would view this as a step towards moving in together.

This could be exactly the opposite of what someone in an FWB relationship is looking for. Consider how interconnected your networks are. If you have mutual friends or work together, other people may see you together. This could create an uncomfortable situation if one partner wants to keep the relationship a secret and the other wants to tell others. Typically, an FWB situation is a short-term thing. How connected are you with the other person? Do you live near this person and are likely to see them at the grocery store?

Will you feel the need to avoid gatherings with friends in case the other person is there? Sex can quickly change how you feel about another person. Ask your partner if this is still working for them. Let your partner know that they can talk to you if their feelings change or if they want out. It can be easy to get caught up in things, especially if your partner is happy with the arrangement. Make sure to ask yourself whether this is really working for you. Take a moment to reflect on whether this is what you really want and need.

If so, awesome! Are you actually looking for more commitment? Are you worried about losing this person in your life? Is it really feeling fun and easy? Nothing ruins great sex like the worry about pregnancy or getting a sexually transmitted infection STI. Be open and honest about your expectations for birth control and methods to prevent STIs. People who are sexually active should get tested about once per year. People ages 13 to 64 should also receive testing for HIV at least once in their lifetime.

People who are at greater risk for HIV, including gay and bisexual men , may require more frequent testing. This may be something that you want to do before your first FWB encounter. Your partner will want to make you happy and will likely be eager to know what you need. Consider whether there will be heartbreak if one of you breaks off the FWB to start a romance with someone else. Jahlove is an HIV prevention advocate. He guides us through discussions with resources across the country who work to improve people's access to PrEP.

Learn how to have a safe and healthy relationship with a partner who has HIV. Get the facts on helping a partner manage their HIV, medications that…. Discover the best time to be tested for HIV. Discussing HIV-related issues can be difficult or uncomfortable to bring up. Use the following guide as a blueprint for how to get the conversation…. Find out how it has impacted his life. Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect.

Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph. Define the existing relationship. Decide about snuggling and sleepovers. Figure out where to keep your stuff. Set rules about how to act around other people. Consider the impact when this ends. Check in with your partner. Check in with yourself. Talk about protection. Get regular STI testing. Get the sex you need. Be prepared for what happens if you or your partner meet someone.

The takeaway. True Serodiscordant Love Stories. PrEP vs. Read this next. Partners Living with HIV. Medically reviewed by Daniel Murrell, M.

Looking for cool fwb

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