Looking for an interesting late night chat

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Lost your password? Please username or address. You will receive a link to create a new password via . Username or . Reset password. Pillow talk is one of those small pleasures that life brings. But…what to actually talk with your boyfriend at night? Subscribe to our newsletter to learn how you can make deep and engaging conversations both fun and easy to approach. Sure, at the beginning of your relationship, there are definitely lo of topics for you to tackle, since there are still many things that you can learn about one another.

From favorite hobbies, interests, the foods you love most, to stances on more serious matters like politics and religion. However, at some point, it can feel like you know everything there is to know about each other, and that longing sensation you felt when night approached is slowly fading. In a lot of cases, men actually appreciate being listened to, or just making you laugh and enjoying your evening that much more. Think about how the two of you got together, what attracted you to him above all others.

What did you talk about in general so far? Why not choose a topic related to those? And hey, you might actually end up enjoying them yourself even more than him! After all, we all want to share our passions and good memories with someone else. To have someone understand what really brightens our day, gets us through tough moments, and makes it all worth it, or at least bearable. There are many topics to tackle out there, whether deep or just silly fun. Examples below! These should keep you busy for a while, but if you want even more topics to discuss, check out our article about questions to ask when in a relationship.

And for even more quality conversations handled in a fun way, check out our replayable card game for couples, Better Topics. Develop effective communication, create lasting harmony, and keep love alive. Get the mobile game for FREE and the fun right away with your partner!

At its core, Better Topics is a card game that improves your relationship. We make just sitting down and chatting with your partner a fun activity, that also helps you talk about the truly important things. The more you play, the more you talk, the more you grow in every way. Products Blog About Us. Download the App! . Remember Me. Facebook Google. Recover password. Up. Create . I want to receive news and promotions. Recover Password . Experience even more love, joy, and connection.

If our relationship were a TV series, what genre would it be? Would you rather have a great time without me, or an average time with me? When did you figure out that you love me? If someone asked me what kind of a person I am, what would you say? Should we get a pet? If so, what should it be? Do you have a favorite name? What do you think about my name? Do you ever dream about me? If yes, what are those dreams about? Did you ever think about marriage when you were young?

Would you have a wedding preference? Are you looking forward to going to work tomorrow? If I were a song, what type of song would I be? Do you ever just randomly think of me during a busy day? Do you think we could have a great podcast together? TV, radio, YouTube? Would you be willing to move to another country if i got a job there? In which color do you think I look best? If you had to stop being a fan of something, what would you choose? Do you have kinky thoughts about me during the day? Were you worried even for a bit!

Would you mind if we took some silly pictures together and I shared them with my friends? Do you like my usual perfume, or are you just polite about it? Did you have a pet while growing up? Any favorite ones? If you could choose to live in a fictional universe, which one would it be? Do you think we could make our sex more enjoyable? Want to go on a romantic getaway for the weekend without telling anyone? Do you have a favorite photo of the two of us? Would you report me to the police if I did something illegal? What about 10? Do you see us owning property together? Would you go to prison for me?

Have you ever had a gaming session after which you were too sore to even get up from the chair? What was the reason? Would you rather work from home, or is social interaction a big deal for you? Would you think less of me if you saw me overindulging in alcohol? How are you with children? Do you like children? If you had all the money in the world, how would you use it? Are you willing to lend money to a friend even if it means that you have to tighten your belt for that month?

What was your very first thought about me? Do you think I could star in a movie? What would be my role? Are you closer to your mother or your father? What would you choose to instantly learn, whether skill or knowledge? More Articles from Dating Dating. Share the article! Want to play the mobile experience? Get the mobile game and the fun right away, no shipping required! our Community!

Looking for an interesting late night chat

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