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Now, one Milwaukee alderman is so fed up, he's planning to use private security to do what he says police will not. For years, 8th Ditrict Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan has been harping on police to do more about drugs and prostitution on the city's near south side; still, he says it's never been as blatant as it is right now. How bad is it? Consider what happened on a recent Friday afternoon. A prostitute poses for traffic at 22nd and Greenfield on a recent Friday afternoon.

It's just shy of 2pm. A man pulls up to the corner of 22nd and Greenfield in a brand new, black Toyota 4Runner. Standing at the corner is a young woman with bright pink hair, a half shirt, and tight, white pants. The two make eye contact. The woman nods. The SUV pulls around the corner and parks. The driver rolls down the passenger side window. Can I get in? You tell me what you want. You give me the money. We do it. And we go our own ways. The SUV is a company vehicle and it's equipped with hidden cameras. The woman is a prostitute.

And, even after learning the driver's identity, she keeps talking. She's a regular here on Greenfield Avenue -- a hotbed of prostitution and human trafficking. The human sex trade is a multi-billion dollar industry and, according to federal prosecutors, Milwaukee is a major hub. Prostitutes once considered criminals are now seen by the criminal justice system as victims of what some call modern-day slavery.

Jaeger says he's been propositioned at least 10 times in his 15 years there. Joel Jaeger, retiring pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, says he's been solicited by prostitutes at least 10 times in his 15 years at 23rd and Greenfield. The church sits at 23rd and Greenfield, where the sex trade is routinely on display. And not just nights and weekends, but seven days a week. Rain or shine. Even on a recent Sunday morning, in plain view of Christ Evangelical's annual outdoor service. Evidence of the problem -- spent needles and used condoms -- is strewn about the curbs and alleys around the church.

It's not secret what goes on out here. Police know all about it. Instead, officers wrote 68 municipal tickets. They rip it up in an hour later they're back," Jaeger said. For many of the sex workers quitting isn't an option. I'm a heroin addict, so I have to have heroin everyday. Pimps are stopping traffic on Greenfield avenue," Donovan said, "to make it easier for the prostitutes to approach cars.

On Monday, July 10th, Donovan called a news conference outside the church to announce that the city is suing the owners of a nearby house they call a 'hub of prostitution. He says he will be working with a private security firm to record prostitution activity, then send letters to the registered owners of the cars involved. The city attorney's office recently gave him a cautionary green light to start that program, though it's not yet clear who is paying for it. Donovan knows it will take more than 'Dear John' letters to stop the prostitution. Just a few minutes after his news conference was over, we spotted a woman posing for passing traffic less than a block away.

It was the same woman who approached FOX 6 Investigators a few days earlier. Only this time, she was not so happy to be recorded. Just a few minutes after the news conference was over, FOX 6 spotted this prostitute a block away. It's the same woman who approached FOX 6 a few days earlier. She said we were making it hard for her to make money. Pastor Jaeger says it's people like her who are making it hard to live here. After all those years at 23rd and Greenfield, Jaeger is retiring to a quiet home on the banks of the Rock River in Watertown.

But make no mistake, he says his heart is still on the South Side of Milwaukee. I think Milwaukee is a great city," Jaeger said. A city, he says deserves better than this. This is not the first time Alderman Donovan has tried to raise awareness about prostitution in his district. Four years ago, he worked with police and the sheriff's department to start towing the cars of those who solicit prostitutes in the area. That also fell by the wayside. Two weeks ago, the city attorney gave him the green light to start sending his so-called "Dear John" letters to people suspected of paying for sex.

Donovan plans to announce the details of that initiative next week. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn declined a request for an interview for this story. And he was notably absent from a news conference earlier Thursday announcing the opening of a new "drop-in" center for women in prostitution. Orchard, which will provide support and services to women engaged in prostitution and sex trafficking.

Assistant Police Chief James Harpole attended the meeting. The Benedict Center recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with Milwaukee Police to serve as a diversion option. Instead of arresting prostitutes and taking them to jail, police will have the option to send sex workers to the drop-in center. There, they will receive case management services, as well as food, clothing and personal hygiene products.

Alderman Donovan issued a statement Thursday saying he is "not optimistic" that the center will change "anything whatsoever. Ladies of the daylight Ladies of the daylight.

Local whores Milwaukee

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