I can give you whatever you want

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If you want to start your own blog, start your own blog. If you want to start making YouTube videos, make YouTube videos. No one knows. What works for me, might not work for you. What works for you, might not work for me. By producing. Or by listening to what social media experts say about different platforms. The only way to figure out how to build your brand online is to take your phone, shoot a few clips, them to YouTube and see what happens. Or write down those thoughts of yours and publish them on your Facebook wall, your blog or on Medium.

And then you see what happens. Over and over again. The ones who are restless. The ones who strive for change. The ones who see things differently. The ones who challenge current thinking patterns. The ones who break down existing barriers. The ones who make the impossible possible. The ones who build new things. The ones most people call crazy, but we call them passionate. This is for the people just like you and me If you want to write a book, write a book. If you want to give Snapchat a try, give it a try.

You can do whatever you want to. Whenever you want to. Established Daily since Start here Please enter all required fields. Correct invalid entries. Act accordingly. Money is for buying ourselves some freedom to do the things that make us happy. And that person is you. And no one else. It all starts with you. Until we realize there's no more time left. Don't be the junkie. The dealer always wins. And the junkie always dies.

And that's dangerous. For what? For everything! They're almost always the things that will get you where you want to be. That's why most people give up so easily. Because it was so easy to begin with. It's all B. Just like this right here.

We all start from the bottom. And have to work our way to the top. To do it over and over again. Until they do. Just like old ways of doing things always work. Until they dont. You'll never find a solution just by thinking about it. You've gotta start doing. As long as it takes to change yourself. So probably your whole life. Focusing on the actions that produce will get you . Ignore your parents, your friends and pretty much everybody else. Inside out. It's almost always what you do on your bad days that will either make you or break you. Please enter all required fields Correct invalid entries.

I can give you whatever you want

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You Can Have Whatever You Want if You Do Whatever It Takes