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Abstract: This study examined 13, dates and 12, hookup encounters at 22 colleges in the United States reported by students surveyed between and in the Online College Social Life Survey OCSLS to determine differences between dates and hookups in partner meeting context and sex during the encounter. Students most often met date and hookup partners through institutional settings or bars and parties, with approximately two-thirds of partners met in these venues.

Those who had fewer potential partners on campus women were less likely to find partners in campus locations and less likely to find male sexual or dating partners but more likely to date women. Men and women engaging in same-sex encounters had higher rates of meeting partners through Internet sources. Hookups were associated with partners met in bars, parties, nightclubs, and college dormitories, and were twice as likely as dates to include sex. Students were more likely to go on dates with partners met on the Internet, which we theorize is a result of low levels of trust associated with that context.

Patterns found are related to the association of meeting contexts with hookup scripts, risk and trust, and local partnering markets. this document to.

Greensboro North Carolina sex woman

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