Eugene strip club

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So last Thursday I decided to venture out to the infamous Silver Dollar strip club to see what all the hype was about. I entered the club to find nothing but horrible heavy metal ringing in my ears, reminding me of some really cheesy s B-movie. There was a total of approximately. The club was western-themed, inside and out. There was a group of about eight midyear-olds sitting at the table in front of us.

The service at the club was pretty good, and the employees and dancers seemed fairly friendly. Unfortunately, we missed cent Pabst night, held every Monday. What I think really made the night exciting for me was the emphasis on audience interaction. I went outside to interview one of the strippers, and came back inside to find what appeared to be one of the people whom I had come to the club with, onstage, on her way to having her bra unhooked by one of the dancers.

She went on to head up. She even managed to pick up some decent tips and free drinks. Apparently, one of the dancers had seen her sitting near the stage and asked her if she was going to her up there. Capri, who plans to become a parole officer once she gets finished with school, said she is doing this job to pay her way through college. She enjoys her job, but for her it is strictly business.

She recalls her most insulting experience with a customer — her first night on the job. A man stuck a credit card into an inappropriate area while she was performing onstage. Although my experience at the Silver Dollar was only especially exciting based on particular circumstances, Joseph Lanford, a year-old DJ at the club, said there are several occasions at the club that make for great excitement and draw a crowd. One for guys, one for girls. Females have to enter a haunted house if they want to come in.

Although the Silver Dollar has its stories and crazy moments, there are provisions placed upon the club and its dancers. Because we are so close, people tend to hop from one to the other. There, it is a strip club. Edit Close. Toggle Menu Toggle . She is also a member of the Dog Pound Fight Team.

Eugene strip club

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