Deployment fuck buddy

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Mine was a guy on deployment who used to get in Rip It drinking challenges with his buddy. Redeploys and gets diagnosed with diabetes. We had a guy on the deployment who lost the firing pin of his M4, he ended up ordering one from internet and no NCO heard about it. No M4. Fortunately for my friend the only thing we were doing that day was driving from the main fob to a smaller fob down the road a couple miles for a meeting of some sort.

My friend cleverly volunteered to stay with the trucks while everybody else went and grabbed some chow. He picked it up, breathed a sigh of relief, changed his pants, and never spoke about the incident to anybody Hungover as hell, so please bear with me with this one. Iraq, '06, we got some replacements around mid-way through our 15 month deployment.

On this new dude's very first dismounted patrol, a night raid, he experienced likely the most memorable night of his life. He was in my squad, right behind me, and every time I looked back as we were moving, he had his fucking NODs up. I told him multiple times to put them back down, but his dumbass just refused to listen, saying that he couldn't see with them down. As we were coming up on the objective, we hopped this fence and were moving through a backyard.

As we move on the house, we all see a hot-tub sized section of the yard with corrugated metal over it. Since we aren't idiots and have our NODs down, we simply go around it. Not this genius. I hear a splash and know exactly what happened. He walked right over the metal and fell through to the bottom of this fucking 7 foot hole FULL of Iraqi shit, piss and all kinds of black magic.

He doesn't surface for a few seconds, and then all of a sudden jumps straight up from the pit like fucking swamp thing, letting out a horrifying screech that I'll never be able to forget. My Team Leader runs over there to try and pull him out, but as this dude grabs his arm, the smell hits him. He immediately starts dry heaving, and pleading with the shit-demon private to let go. Luckily, his death grip did not fail him, and we were able to drag him out of that cesspool. He was sobbing, puking, and shaking violently by the time we got him out.

It was one of the most disgusting, and hilarious things I have ever witnessed in my entire life. He got more than a mouthful of black magic, and sliced his leg open as well. He had to strip down in the middle of this Iraqi's bathroom, all the while my whole Platoon and the IA are either cracking the fuck up, or puking in some corner of this Iraqi's house. We ended up having to commandeer some of the Iraqi family's clothes including a long gray jacket, which made him look like Nazi storm trooper.

Really glad that raid ended up to be cold, because we definitely were fucking useless after that. This poor idiot was carrying the hooligan tools, too, so he's really lucky he didn't drown. I had to carry those things all the way back to our patrol base, all the while feeling the shit and piss water drip down the back of me. I have never before, or after, clenched my ass closed as tight as I did on that walk back.

Fucking disgusting. Also, we snapped a picture of this dude covered in shit bawling his eyes out. I could be talked into ing it. Also, what TL doesn't check his dudes before rolling out on a mission? Cause gashing your leg open is bad enough, but to then insert shit and piss into said wound suggests a very fuckin bad day. Found the internet! Posted by Have a seat. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Railroad ed tracks. He will definitely make specialist at this rate. Continue this thread. Imagine being on patrol knowing you were holding a paperweight.

My man! Please tell me he didn't go outside the wire like that. That's my kind of skating. The look of absolute shame. Potential bestOf right there. Have a seat. DO IT!!!!!!!!! Is that what hepatitis looks like? Did anything happen to the dudes leg? Because Fuck You, That's Why. Those ears. You'd think his radar would have picked it up. More posts from the army community.

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Deployment fuck buddy

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