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Between and there were no fewer than 21 attempts in the Wisconsin state Senate and Assembly to enfranchise women in various ways but each attempt failed. See the Resources section of this guide for more information. White men could vote regardless of citizenship status; Native American men could vote as long as they renounced their tribal affiliation. Attended mainly by upper class white women and lacked attention to needs of working class women and women of color.

According to her own story told in , Wisconsin resident Louise J. Smith was an attendee at the meeting when she was 12 years old. Brown is the first woman newspaper editor and publisher to last. Worked on forming a state organization — formed executive committee and finance committee. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Opposed the 15th Amendment only including African American men. They prioritized suffrage of women and fought for the 15th to include them. Focused on national amendment to the Constitution and was women-led. Newspaper: The Revolution. Considered more moderate and supported the 15th Amendment.

Focused only on the vote and on state level organizing as the primary method. Led by women and men. February: Second convention held, unrelated to the first, in Milwaukee: Organized by Dr. Laura Ross and Lila Peckham. Mary A. Livermore, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were in attendance.

Ross elected president of Woman Suffrage Association of Wisconsin. First women graduate from UW Madison. Laura Ross was chosen as president, Reverend Olympia Brown was also chosen as an officer. September — Annual state suffrage convention held in Richland Center.

Auxiliary clubs formed in Milton and Evansville. NAWSA would exclude African American women in their fight to vote because existing racism threatened their overall goal of white women gaining enfranchisement. NAWSA pushed the idea that women needed to be educated in order to vote, thus effectively barring many impoverished women and women of color. Wyoming becomes the first state to grant women equal political rights in the state constitution. Harriet Tubman delivered a keynote address.

Led by Mary Church Terrell. Anthony dies. National suffrage efforts concentrated on state legislation until Comprised mainly lobbyists interested in suffrage and other proposed legislation. National concentration shifts from state legislation to national amendment. Created by Ida B. Wells and Belle Squire, it is believed to be the first suffrage club for African American women.

Newspaper: Alpha Suffrage Record. Wells and other African American suffragists to march at the end of the parade. Wells refused. She watched the parade and when the Illinois delegation came around, she ed them. Olympia Brown steps down and Theodora Youmans becomes president. Ada James became Executive Secretary. Zona Gale chosen First Vice President.

Received instruction in organizing, marketing, history, legal status of women, citizenship, press. December: Annual convention held. National political party conventions held; both major parties declared support for suffrage and for the first time, the Prohibitionist, Socialist, and Progressive parties declared support for the amendment. Eight of ten Wisconsin House representatives favored the suffrage amendment.

A quarter of states at the time had enfranchised women completely. US Senate vote fails. Picketing by NWP continued. Louis; delegation of 10 Wisconsin women attended led by Jessie Jack Hooper who was elected a national director. At this time, Theodora Youmans traveled to DC to help lobby for support. May 21 — Amendment passed the US House to June 4 — Amendment passed the US Senate 64 to June 10 — Wisconsin legislature ratifies national amendment shortly before noon, 24 to 1 in the Senate and 52 to 2 in the Assembly.

Illinois ratified a few minutes prior but because of a mistake, it had to be re-ratified on June By December 10, 22 states had ratified. August 26 — 19th Amendment fully ratified when Tennessee became 36th state to support it. Fall — US women vote in elections. Many African American women, especially in the South, found it challenging to register, had to wait hours to vote, were required to pay poll taxes, or were required to pass Constitutional knowledge exams.

Some were subjected to violence and imprisonment.

Chat with dominate women in wisconsin

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