Around the italian women

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By considering the reach and impact of these organizations in relation to Italian bipolarism the nearly equal division of the Italian people into two camps, one pro-Communist and the other pro-Western and world events, Dr. Wendy Pojmann demonstrates that women played a much larger role than Cold War histories tend to relate. Not just voters, women were active political participants during the tumultuous decades of the Cold War.

The Italian case is particularly ificant in placing women's movements in a broader context because it exemplifies many of the political and ideological dichotomies that characterized this period. With the Christian Democrats at the helm of the Italian government and the powerful opposition of the Communists, the Italian women's associations developed and used creative negotiation strategies to advance their visions of womanhood in a new era.

They applied similar practices in their international work. This engaging, well-documented book draws on new and original material from archival collections and oral histories to develop a critical understanding of the important but often overlooked period in women's activism between the s and s. Try logging in through your institution for access. Log in to your personal or through your institution. Though I had explored the role of the associations in an Italian national framework and had recently criticized their failure to incorporate the experiences of migrant women, I They have developed a unanimous, intense and enthusiastic project during the months of the Nazi occupation.

Most UDI members at the time were housewives rather than Clotilde Cassigoli, a Florentine housewife and Catholic Action member, delivered an emotional speech imploring women around the world to put aside their differences and cooperate as mothers. Cassigoli recounted a traumatic experience during the Resistance of seeing the bodies of seventeen partisans who had just been executed pass before her eyes.

The referendum posed such questions as: Should women work outside the home? Did house wives have the right to a pension? Was it fair to require that female and male workers In the April issue of Cronache e Opinioni , Amalia di Valmarana asked CIF members to contribute to the World Movement of Mothers to help sustain the organization, which at that time was facing a financial crisis. Copyright Date: Published by: Fordham University Press. Search for reviews of this book. Table of Contents You are viewing the table of contents.

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Around the italian women

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