Affair in Mc dowell Kentucky

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They were owned by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. Some of the musicians survived. Some perished. Continue reading about Violins of Hope and watch the video. Built in the s and early s, the house was the home and office of Dr. Ephraim McDowell, a physician who earned his place in medical history alongside one remarkable patient in McDowell studied medicine in Scotland and other parts of Europe, and brought his expertise to a region where it was in need, choosing to build his practice and his life in Danville.

about Dr. In fact, there may only be one, and it is currently sitting in a creek in Boone County, Kentucky. It looks sort of gray and a little bit spooky. And I quickly learned that it was not that; it had a really rich, interesting history, and so I had to backpedal and learn a little bit more about why this huge boat is stuck in a tiny creek in Boone County.

Learn more about the USS Sachem and watch the video. Explore naturally beautiful and historic sites, the creativity of the Commonwealth's hundreds of artists and musicians, and the unique contributions of interesting people all over the state with host Doug Flynn. Ephraim McDowell and his most famous patient - Mrs. Jane Todd Crawford, who traveled alone on horseback to have an abdominal tumor removed; and the year history of the infamous USS Sachem that now sits in ruins in a creek in Boone County, Kentucky.

World War II veterans board a flight honoring their service to our nation; Liberty may be home, but the Indianapolis Speedway is his heart - Bill Marvel has made a life in racing; and Elmer Lucille Allen is a pioneering scientist with artistic flair. Learn how the iconic Old Fashioned became Louisville's official cocktail; the Kentucky Springseat Saddle, created by Eugene Minihan from Owingsville in the late s, prized by horsemen and sought after by collectors, was deated the official saddle of Kentucky in ; a Kentucky Life Memory showcases Mountain Pleasure horses; and a statue of Triple Crown winner Secretariat is unveiled along the Lexington-Frankfort Scenic Corridor, giving Lexingtonians and visitors an impressive degree view of Big Red.

Mitchell houses a collection of more than ventriloquist figures from twenty countries and other memorabilia; Camp Shakespeare offers kids and young adults ages the opportunity to explore the theatre arts through imaginative play, visual arts, storytelling, and more. Learn the history of one of the oldest fire departments in Kentucky - the Paris Fire Department, established in ; Dave Shuffett and his dog Charlie go agate hunting in a Kentucky Life Memory; artist Jonathan Queen uses classic toys as metaphors for complex themes in his paintings and murals; learn the backstory of Florence, Kentucky's water tower with the famous slogan.

A culture of respect for the Russell Fork River keeps adventure seekers and families coming back; we visit the Digital Restoration Initiative at the University of Kentucky, where researchers and students use cutting-edge technology to "virtually unwrap" ancient scrolls and texts; look back at the Breaks Interstate Park in a Kentucky Life Memory.

Story Musgrave talks about his incredible career; kids in need in Central Kentucky celebrate their birthdays with the help of Sweet Blessings; the American dream of home ownership comes true through the work of HOMES Inc. We visit Vertical Excape in Bowling Green to experience one of the fastest-growing sports in Kentucky and the world; country singer Dwight Yoakam talks about his Kentucky roots in this Kentucky Life Memory; Chained Rock has been overlooking the city of Pineville for more than 80 years; Louisiana artist Robert Dafford has turned mundane floodwalls into works of art in Paducah and Covington in this Ohio Valley Chapter Regional Emmy Award-nominated segment.

Kentucky Life Moment - the Dafford murals in Maysville. We revisit some of Doug's favorite segments showcasing Kentucky artists and artisans including, internationally acclaimed folk artist Minnie Adkins, the paintings of Thomas Noble, guitar maker Neil Kendrick, and dulcimer maker Warren May. Look back at famous people in Kentucky's history. The mystery of Daniel Boone's bones; visit a museum that honors surgeon Dr. Ephraim McDowell and his most courageous patient, Mrs.

John Hunt Morgan remains controversial over years after his death. We celebrate Kentucky's musical heritage by visiting a town that's home to the legendary Bill Monroe and birthplace of bluegrass music; sit down with the queen of country music, Loretta Lynn; learn about The Hilltoppers' rise to fame, and listen to Louisville jazz musician Harry Pickens. Come to the table as we explore Kentucky's best dishes. Fans of barbequed mutton flock to a festival in Owensboro, diners get meals on the move from Louisville's food trucks, the famous dish created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, and Appalachian spoonbread will melt in your mouth.

Ghost lights illuminate the history of Old Louisville this Halloween! Author David Domine and a host of historians and re-enactors visit Old Louisville's most haunted places, and shed light on hundreds of years of local history and lore.

Explore Kentucky's great outdoors as we ride the rapids of the Russell Fork River; watch the sandhill cranes as they arrive at Barren River Lake; experience nature in Dawson Springs; and capture the dream shot of the moonbow at Cumberland Falls. July 20, , marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and Kentucky Life takes a trip through its year history to celebrate this achievement. We revisit stories on how African American winning jockeys dominated the early years of the Kentucky Derby; legendary distiller Elijah Craig; the mystery of white thoroughbreds; and Louisville's famous cocktail, the Old Fashioned.

Past and present hosts Doug Flynn, Dave Shuffett, and Byron Crawford reminisce over 25 seasons of Kentucky Life and the great stories they have covered from every corner of the Commonwealth. The town of West Liberty was struck by two tornadoes on Feb. Dave visits the Louisville National Weather Service, established in , to find out about the region's history of tornadoes and what tornado warnings mean; talks with General John Heltzel of Kentucky Emergency Management to find out how the state is prepared to help in any emergency; and visits the town of West Liberty, to see how this hardest-hit of communities is dealing with its loss and its recovery.

Adoptable dogs walk the beat with the Louisville Metro Police; "Kentucky Life" celebrates its 25th season with a "Kentucky Life" Memory at the Outhouse Races at Penn's Store; beer cheese makes Kentucky - and Winchester - proud; and the Pralltown neighborhood in Lexington celebrates its sons and daughters. The 3-wheeled bike taxis of Woo Hoo Pedicab offers a social and environmentally friendly means of transportation around the northern Kentucky city of Newport and across the river into Cincinnati; Dave pulls up a chair for Today's Special at The Purple Onion, a popular Central City restaurant; the city of Hopkinsville was a main stop along The Chitlin' Circuit, a national string of clubs where black recording artists could perform during the days of segregation; and in Washington County, the Springfield Opera House is the home of the Central Kentucky Community Theatre which offers a variety of musicals and plays.

Learn about Kentucky State University's research and domestication of that tropical-tasting fruit - the pawpaw, Chef Bob Perry from UK's College of Sustainable Agriculture prepares a pawpaw dish, Dave and Toby take a trip to Leslie County to learn about rural post offices, and a look at Pulaski County's Short Creek - the story "Kentucky Life" Facebook friends chose in an online vote. Meet the characters who congregate on Bardstown Road for the annual Louisville Zombie Attack; Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky PINK try to find explanations for claims of paranormal activity; in Voices of Elmwood, actors portray deceased residents of Daviess County and tell their stories at graveside to guests who ride through Elmwood Cemetery; and Dave investigates the life of Hopkinsville native and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.

Pop stars and bluegrass legends find a special place in the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame; relive a "Kentucky Life" Memory with a look back at Old Friends in Georgetown - a retirement home for champion racehorses; young men follow in Muhammad Ali's footsteps by stepping into the boxing ring in Louisville; and dive into fun at the Newport Aquarium.

Meet Lucille Sharp, an actress from Lexington who has a role in this season's "Downton Abbey"; the Grant County community of Crittenden is Our Town; learn how the Fort-named towns of Northern Kentucky got their names; and the award-winning and inspiring work of Louisville artist Trent Altman. Dave, with Toby by his side, remembers the New Madrid earthquakes by visiting Reelfoot Lake, Kentucky Bend, and other landforms shaped by the quakes years ago.

In Memphis, Dave meets with specialists to find out about earthquake preparedness and the odds of another quake occurring along the New Madrid fault. Doug was born and raised in Lexington and is involved with numerous civic and charitable organizations, including Hope for the Warriors and the American Association for the Prevention of Substance Abuse in Athletics. As host of Kentucky Life from to , Dave Shuffett received nine Emmy nominations for on-camera performance and producing. Shuffett is a native of Greensburg and a graduate of Murray State University.

From to , he served as both host and producer of Kentucky Afield. Kentucky native Byron Crawford hosted the program from its debut in September through the summer of He studied speech and broadcasting at Murray State University, then worked as a radio and television news reporter in Cincinnati and Louisville before beginning a newspaper career. Today he writes the back column for Kentucky Living magazine. We use your web browser to confirm your location. For help, please check these FAQs or help ket. Location Required for Video On Demand. Please allow KET to access your web browser's location to watch this video.

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Affair in Mc dowell Kentucky

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