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A lexander Clark had only just boarded the Los Angeles-bound United airliner when the man seated behind him became incensed. As Clark tells it, a flight attendant had repeatedly asked the passenger to alternately stop talking on his phone or don a face mask when, after the fourth ask, the passenger snapped.

I will know your social security before I get off this plane! He leapt to his feet mid-shout, spittle arcing from his maskless mouth, and stomped over to the male flight attendant. And Clark caught it all on camera. Although air traveler hissy fits are nothing new, incidences of bad behavior have spiked amid the tense travel landscape of Covid The phenomenon became especially pronounced this year, as a short-staffed aviation industry struggled to keep pace with the post-vaccine surge in travel demand — and a customer base whose social skills were, after a year of lockdowns, not exactly at their most refined.

Factor in a highly politicized federal mask mandate, and the situation has made for a perfect storm of passenger unruliness. Nelson reported that the FAA had logged 4, unruly passenger reports since January. At the center of the chaos are the flight attendants tasked with in-flight safety management.

Burned out and frustrated, many have had enough. Jules and the other active flight attendants interviewed for this story have asked that their names, and those of the airlines they work for, be withheld. Jules began to notice the shift last year. She can count several incidents where police were called to assist with insubordinate passengers on a flight she was working, either prior to takeoff or post-landing.

Two of them took place during October last year alone. On one of those occasions, a male passenger attempted to shove her out of his way when she told him to wear a mask while he walked to the lavatory. Jules, who was five months pregnant at the time, wound up working two more flights before taking an early maternity leave.

While the rise in bad behavior has been most pronounced in the US, masking requirements have brought out the entitlement of passengers worldwide. Another pattern: passengers going to and from cities with stricter Covid safety mandates tend to be more cooperative about following masking requirements on board the aircraft. Although Nelson, the US union president, pushes back against the suggestion that any single group can be singled out as the primary culprit for the ongoing behavioral scourge, she agrees that there appears to be a link between regional attitudes about Covid safety and passenger subordination, which so frequently involves upset over masks.

She lists Texas, Florida and Charlotte as particular hotbeds of unruly passenger incidence. In the meantime, Nelson and the others express hope that the increased public awareness of their current workplace challenges will encourage passenger bystanders to be good witnesses if and when an in-flight outburst should arise. Which brings us back to Alexander Clark. The viral TikTok documentarian appears heartened by the response to his video — much of which has lampooned the visual absurdity of grown adult men behaving like testosterone-addled toddlers in a public setting.

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Adult seeking sex Oregon City

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